Toast notifications enabled give Windows Script Host Error

I’m doing some testing to deploy apps with PSADT via Intune.
For certain apps we want to offer user interaction.

I’m now running into an issue.
When using PSADT v3.10 and having the option “Toast_Disable” set to “False” within the “AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml” to enable toast messages for the install process.
I’m getting an WSH error.
When “Toast_Disable” is set to “True” the issue doesn’t occur and the apps deploy like a charm, yet less fancy.

I can reproduce this by running the app deployment in “System Context” with ServiceUI.
i.e. “ServiceUI.exe -process:explorer.exe Deploy-Application.exe”

Is this a known limitation?


I’m interested in what others come back with the solution to this (I have compared my PSADT 3.9.3 and 3.10.0 repos and it looks like Runhidden.vbs is new in v3.10.0)

As a side note; we too use Intune, but we would always want the Toast notifications disabled because we prefer to see just the Intune messages (Toast Notifications) appear in the notification area - the display of which can also be defined within each Intune deployment:

If we had both Intune and PSADT Toast notifications enabled we found this was too much messaging for our users.