Renaming the title of PSADT toasts

When I deploy a package, a pop up appears from the systray (aka toast) with the headline: “Windows PowerShell”
Can i rename this headline to something else?

Thank you

Without knowing what your deployment script contains, how you are deploying it (SCCM/Intune/Other), what version of PSAppDeployToolkit you are using, whether it is being deployed as User or System, and which OS you are running on - It is quite difficult to give you an accurate answer.

In the root of the file there is a PDF file named PSAppDeployToolKit.pdf
This contains some excellent instructions for what you can do with the PS App Deploy Toolkit

Hi amiros,

If you are referring to the Toast notifications and the headline of those you can change the headline text by configuring the option “Toast_AppName” in the file AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml.

This setting is introduced in 3.9.3 but you also need to configure the setting “Toast_Disable” to “False” to use it (Toasts are disabled by default in PSADT 3.9.3).

Default setting in AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml:

<!--Toast Notification Options-->
<!--Toast Notification Options-->

Example of updated Toast_AppName (and Toast_Disable) in AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml:

<!--Toast Notification Options-->
<!--Toast Notification Options-->
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