Strange x64 /x86 Issue with SCCM + Java

Dear all,

since Oracle changed their installers we are not able to get the MSI from the EXE anymore.
So i changed my deployment script to work with the exe’s instead.
Everything was working as expected and i was able to install JRE x86+x64 on a x64bit machine when running the deploy-application.exe.

As soon as i run the Deploy-Application as SCCM Application only Java x64 get’s installed. In the Logfile i can see that the process is started (even in the taskmgr the i586.exe is running) but it never get’s installed.

I’ve uploaded my Script and the logfiles to my onedrive

Hope someone can help me on this :frowning:


The MSI is still available, you just have to copy it before completing the installation wizard.


Thanks… i was just to blind to find them :frowning:

solved :smiley: