Status showing as complete before install ends

Good afternoon
I am trying to deploy Visio 365 via the PSAppdeploy toolkit.
I have one query, the setup.exe I am using has to go to the internet to pull the actual content down.
As a result Visio shows as complete when infact its spawning the sub processes to download and install the data from Microsoft.
Can you advise is there a way to make it wait until its completed all processes? or if a file is present or something like that?
it does work but the user will just tell me its installed when its still finishing up:)

Thank you!

As an example you want to use the -WaitforMSIExec parameter since it is probably calling the MSI from within the EXE.

Execute-process -Path “$dirFiles\setup.exe” -parameters “/s /f1$dirFiles\setup.iss” -WaitForMsiExec -WindowStyle Hidden -IgnoreExitCodes “3010” -ContinueOnError $true

thanks for your help
this does work
however if someone opens word in the meantime it still reports a success which is going to cause confusion as it shows as a success