Change when installation has completed is displayed

This is my 3rd use of the toolkit so forgive any noob oversights!

I have an msi installation, that seems to call another msi(s). due to this, once the first msi is complete, PSADT script continues and the “installation has completed” message box is displayed while the remaining msi(s) are still running.
Is it possible to change when this message is displayed, Can anyone point me in the right direction? or am I looking at this from the wrong angle?

I assume you’re using the Execute-MSI function? I’m sure this supports the -Wait parameter. This isn’t mentioned in the documentation, so I could be wrong and someone can correct me on this (worth a try anyway). Or if that doesn’t work, you could write a line to detect if the msiexec.exe process is still running and continue when it’s completed.

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Install both msi separately.

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“…seems to call another MSI…”

I’d use procmon or procexp from Sysinternals to watch exactly what’s happening during the running of the script.

If the main MSI is calling others, a simple Start-Sleep command may be useful to “pause” the script while other processes unseen to PSADT complete.

e.g.: Start-Sleep -Seconds 120

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Thanks for the useful input all.
This was since ‘dealt with’, was up against the clock for the deployment and management just wanted it done, so I removed the code for the final message window, luckily with this particular installation it was easily apparent when the installation had finished.