Software Center ignores successful install


Just started testing the Toolkit a couple of weeks ago and got the Adobe Reader DC deploy to work, via SCCM (using Application method), only needing to amend the provided sample script for file names, pretty much.

However, even though the deployment works and the software is correctly installed, Software Center says it failed and instead of allowing me to Uninstall it, it only gives me the option to Retry.

I checked the installation log and there are no errors, with the exit code being 0.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

What is your detection method for the application in Configuration Manager?

Thanks for that Brian, that was it! I had left one digit out of the detection method, damnit :slight_smile:

Also figured out why uninstall is failing, kept the original {xxx} code from the example, forgot to replace it with the one I’m using, silly me.

Thanks once again for the help.