Single Folder script

I changed the scripts to point to root folder, install silent, without user interaction, no reboot, upgrade if possible, no kill apps and zero configurarion,
to create a single folder for each app (psappdeploytoolkit + msi + msp + mst).
We deploy through schedule script on group policy (cmd call to robocopy then call to powershell psappdeploytoolkit).

for each app, I want options (at beginning of the script):

  • check computer/user group, before start setup (Default Apps, Department Apps etc)
  • check if the .exe on that msi exists at same or previous version before start setup, zero configuration
  • if installed, check installation health (repair install), zero configuration
  • copy the msi + mst to local folder (ex c:\windows\psappdeploytoolkit), and install from there, zero configuration
  • wait network timeout before start (for vpn / remote workstations)
  • time to retry (for vpn / remote workstations)
  • network cap limit (for vpn / remote computers)
  • msiexec / setup process priority (to run background, without user complains)
  • .msi file pointing to psapptoolkit script (like the psappdeploytoolkit.exe, to publish on active directory user group policies -software, so non admin users can interact install optional apps - or repair apps, from control panel “get apps”)

*zero config with several .msi, msp and mst at same folder, just install the lastest one of each

Its pointless edit a script for each app, then reedit when need to change or update… in a enterprise witch 20 default apps, 20 optional apps, 20 department apps, 20 regional apps…


is this a question or a request or are you sharing your complete script?
The post seems to be incomplete.

Hi Luki,

Its a request. If you want I can share my changed script for single folder.