Silent installs reboot at end of programs

I am unable to find out how to reboot at the end of installs. I would love to use the default pop up and timer . These are SCCM silent installs. I tried Show-InstallationRestartPrompt but that did not work.

Is there a way on silent installs to have a force reboot at the end.

any ideas ?

Does your reboot prompt work outside of SCCM?
Are you allowing user interaction with your app? You mention you are running it hidden. Fi that is the case, the user may just not be seeing the prompt.

i also need to know how to force a reboot after install.

What deployment tool are you using? SCCM, Landesk etc…

You could try set the parameter AllowRebootPassThru to $true. If your installation generates a reboot exit code, this would be passed on to the client and inform the user through Software Center (if deployment is set the be shown in software center).

-AllowRebootPassThru $true | $false (default is false)
Specify whether to allow the 3010 exit code (reboot required) to be passed back to the parent process (e.g. SCCM) if detected during an installation. If a 3010 code is passed to SCCM, the SCCM client will display a reboot prompt. If set to false, the 3010 return code will be replaced by a “0” (successful, no restart required).