Show-InstallationRestartPrompt reminder prompt


Wondering if anyone has a suggestion for the below or maybe I am missing out on something as I am pretty new to the tool. FYI I deploy using the application model in SCCM 2012

I want to give my users a four hour warning message of pending reboot following an install. (easy) However some users quickly click the restart later prompt and then get taken by surprise when their machine reboots 4 hours later.

What I would like to happen would be for the user to click restart later and then have the restart prompt force itself to the fore every hour to “gently” remind the user they need to reboot.

I can do this with the -NoCountdown switch and changing the interval value in AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml but then I lose the countdown that will force the restart

Ideally I would like to use Show-InstallationRestartPrompt -Countdownseconds 14400 and combine it with the -NoCountdown switch which obviously wouldn’t work.

As I mentioned previously I am pretty new to the tool so I may be missing a trick. If anyone has a good idea on how I might do this that would be great!