Silent Install asks for input (InstallShield Quotes issue)


I am interested in software that I can distribute silently to all clients. However, the server name must still be entered in the installation window. How exactly would this be incorporated into the script?

Judging by the logo in the top right, your HP software is packaged using InstallShield.

If the HP Display Service IP is the same for all users or can be determined programmatically then you should be able to set it via the command line.

This might help: InstallSheild Setup - How to install, uninstall, and log silently - The Toolkit / Tips & Tricks - PSAppDeployToolkit Community

Thank you for the feedback. Do you have an example for this? It only opens the installation file, neither silent nor with the correct server name. As an example HP shows here: "HPDisplayService_v1.1.10.exe" /s /v"/qn HPSERVER="Servername" SECURECONN=0"
But nothing really works for me.

Welcome @SlayFrido
Looking at your command line, I suspect if this is being run from a Powershell command (which it would be if your deployment method is Intune) it would fail as you have two pairs of double quotes in the command after /v.
You should be able to solve this in one of two ways:

  1. If you replace the double quote after /v with a single quote ' and replace the final double quote after SECURECONN=0 with another single quote '
  2. Tell powershell to ignore the internal double quotations with an escape character ` before each double quote - so HPSERVER="Servername" becomes: HPSERVER=`"Servername`"

N.B. Be aware there are three different quote symbols (characters) now in use above, and their usage can affect your results:
Double "
Single '
Escape `

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This wont work in CMD.EXE because of the double quotes around Servername. (InstallShield gets confused):
HPDisplayService_v1.1.10.exe /s /v"/qn HPSERVER="Servername" SECURECONN=0"

This WILL work in CMD but NOT PowerShell (or PSADT):
HPDisplayService_v1.1.10.exe /s /v"/qn HPSERVER=\"Servername\" SECURECONN=0"

This WILL work in PowerShell but you will not get logging or error handling of PSADT:
HPDisplayService_v1.1.10.exe /s /v"/qn HPSERVER=\“Servername`” SECURECONN=0"`

This will work in PSADT:

Execute-Process -Path "$dirFiles\HPDisplayService_v1.1.10.exe" -Parameters "/s /v`"/qn HPSERVER=\`"Servername\`" SECURECONN=0`""

This will also work in PSADT and tell InstallShield to create a log file:

Execute-Process -Path "$dirFiles\HPDisplayService_v1.1.10.exe" -Parameters "/s /v`"ALLUSERS=1 /qn /L* \`"$configToolkitLogDir\HPDisplayService_v1.1.10.log\`"`""

And this tries to explain how all the escaping quotes non-sense:


Thank you, that helped for me. The escaping quotes were missing in PSADT. The entry for the server name has now been made.