Show InstallationWelcome when defer is 0

Hi there,

is there a way to show also the window behind “show-installationwelcome” when the installation / call reaches defer = 0.
We’ld like to show this window also if defer is getting the value 0.
Is there a way? If yes, how?


no one with an idea?

Can you explain a little clearer i.e. which Window?
Maybe you can supply a screen grab explaining what you want?

Yes sure, let’s say you have tool for your VPN connection and updating it will cause a reboot.

Therefore we are using the defer option on Show-InstallationWelcome to notice the user that an installation will be starting soon. The user has now the option to defer (depending on the values you specify in the application package - in our configuration we set it to 1 ) or to continue. In the most cases the installation want to start during the work day.
If now defer reaches now 0 no window with a notice will be shown.

It would be great to get this defer window also when defer reaches 0.

I’m talking about this window here:

OK, So that ‘Window’ is displayed by the Show-InstallationWelcome line in your Deploy-Application.ps1
So for my Acrobat Reader DC install I have the following Show-InstallationWelcome command:

Show-InstallationWelcome -CloseApps 'AcroRd32=Adobe Acrobat Reader DC' -MinimizeWindows $false -AllowDeferCloseApps -DeferTimes 3 -CheckDiskSpace -PersistPrompt -TopMost $true

This will prompt the user if the AcroRd32 process is detected as running, I also give our users a maximum of three deferals, but if they choose to defer every time (3 times), on the 4th attempt the installation is forced. We find 3 deferrals gives the right balance between users being able to work uninterrupted and getting the new version of the software installed (as it is usually to fix a Security issue)

If I remember correctly the -AllowDeferCloseApps switch will let the install continue silently if the app is not running / open, so therefore prompting the user with a defer option
The hyperlink on this page does not work correctly, but use the right hand navigation to find -AllowDeferCloseApps

So back to your question, if the deferrals have run out (i.e. have reached zero), the Toolkit is working by design

Yes, this is what we are currently using for many programs. But for one program, the service detection is slower [than] the restart process of the service. Therefore we got prompted multiple times before PSADT was able to kill the process.
Therefore we want to change this behavior and use it without this “process detection”

Hi Shorty,

If I understand you correctly you want the option for the user to Defer the installation as many times as they want instead of a set number of times. That can be achieved by using the Show-InstallationPrompt function with a couple of buttons:

## Show Warning Message regarding installation time
$response = Show-InstallationPrompt -Message '        
This installation will take more than 30 minutes to complete.

Do you want to Continue or Defer?

' -ButtonRightText 'Continue' -ButtonLeftText 'Defer'
If($response -eq 'Defer') {
    Exit-Script -ExitCode 60012 #Using the standard PSADT Defer exit code.

Please note that with this method a user could of course Defer the installation indefinitely (as long as they have the patience to continue clicking Defer).

Show-InstallationPrompt · PSAppDeployToolkit


not really. I want to realize that the Window that is behind Show-InstallationPrompt will shown up, also when Defer has reached 0 (where it normally will be hidden)

I would use Show-InstallationPrompt instead of show-installationwelcome with -Defer in this case. You can update the message text to something more appropriate to your scenario.