Show-InstallationWelcome Defer Options

Hi Guys,

is it possible that the Defer Option in Show-InstallationWelcome Function doesn’t works correctly?

Because if I test it in Powershell ISE and Execute the Line, the Dialog Box shows me the Defer Option but if I use it. I get an error:

[09-28-2021 08:58:48.809] [Installation] [Close-InstallationProgress] :: The installation progress dialog does not exist. Waiting up to 5 seconds…
[09-28-2021 08:58:53.872] [Installation] [Close-InstallationProgress] :: The installation progress dialog was not created within 5 seconds.

and the script will be closed.

What can I do? And another question is it possible to defer until Reboot or Shutdown?

DISCLAMER: I have never used the defer option

I have noticed that some Dialog Boxex/popups do take longer to show in some instances.
If I run script on a VM (Slow-ish) in debugging mode in an editor (err… make slower on purpose), I get these. It’s a new feature I think to prevent/detect/log GUI threads that don’t get spawned.
I think they should look at speeding up GUI generation somehow (e.g. spin-off the GUI functions in their own smaller PS1.) Maybe this is why the in the next major version, the main.ps1 might be a PSM module.

Try to run it outside of Powershell ISE to see if you get that 5 second error.

BTW: No, that 5 second limit is hard-coded in PSADT. I checked about 2 weeks ago. You’d have to change it yourself in the main ps1.

What version of PSADT? What OS are you using?

I use Show-InstallationWelcome heavily from 3.71 to present prod version without issues.

I recall there was an issue with Windows 7 systems with the form and touch-screen enabled devices that caused issues, but otherwise it’s been stable.

I have used the defer option with every version with no issues. Except version 3.83. that version had an issue where the window does not timeout after 1 hour 55 mins. seems to be fixed in 3.8.4

Similar without much issue (i think i just necro’ed this thread). If you need to stick with 3.71 for some reason, there is customization you can do to manage the Windows 7 + touch screen issue. I’m thinking that’s mostly a dead issue nowadays as most people are on Windows 10+ nowadays anyway.