Show-InstallationRestartPrompt Not working in 3.8.4?

Topic says it all, I cant get Show-InstallationRestartPrompt to work in 3.8.4. Anyone else?

we are experiencing the same issue. looking for official release to fix this issue.

Any luck getting this to work???

We are having the same issue on 3.8.4.

Have any of you just tried the latest version (3.8.5 beta) and see if it works for you?
There are 454 differences between 3.8.4 and the 3.8.5 beta.
and 30+ of them are to the Show-InstallationRestartPrompt function.

EDIT: Any Estimated date for 3.8.5 or 4/0?
TL;DR: 3.8.5 is coming out in 2-3 weeks!

Howdy… Is there any work around for this?

I would like to force a restart after my install is done, it returns exit code 0…