Show-InstallationRestartPrompt in Silent mode

Hey Guys,

Wonder if I’m blind or is there no possibility to invoke the Restart-Prompt also in silent mode?
I’ve to do a Symantec Endpoint Protection “Update”.

We want to do this completely silent but the uninstall and the install both needs an system reboot to work correctly.

But I get the message

[Post-Uninstallation] :: Bypass Installation Restart Prompt [Mode: Silent].	Show-InstallationRestartPrompt	23.03.2016 18:55:06	5280 (0x14A0)

Is there any possibility?

BR & thx for any help!

I’m wondering about this as well. I would expect the “Show-InstallationRestartPrompt” would initiate an immediate restart if the toolkit is being run in silent mode. Instead, nothing happens. Is there a way to change this?


Unfortunately I got no answer so we’ve done it with a dirty hack :wink:

We’re simply invoking another deploytoolkit with only the restart prompt itself therefore we can configure it so that the user does not get surprised with a forced restart.

BR Florian