Show-InstallationPrompt GUI behaviour

Has anyone else experienced issues with the Show-InstallationPrompt not displaying correctly?

It’s almost like the dpi scaling goes haywire unless I use the -NoWait parameter, which defeats the purpose, because I want it to wait for the user’s interaction based on what button they click. If i call Show-InstallationPrompt without the -NoWait parameter, the form looks all squished, text is cut off and the buttons are all dis-proportioned. All other Prompts display okay. This happens in both v3.7.0 & v3.8.0 for me, but this only happens on a laptop and will display okay on a desktop monitor.

There is a comment line in the AppDeployToolMain.ps1 that states: “If the NoWait parameter is specified, launch a new PowerShell session to show the prompt asynchronously”. I suspect when it runs the prompt in another session, for whatever reason, it displays okay. Is there possibly a way I could always run the prompt in a new session to get around this? Appreciate the help!

I’ve not seen this happen with PSADT but since you mention this occurring on laptops, I"m reminded of trouble I had with BGInfo displaying properly on laptops. Until I added BGInfo.exe (as string value) to the following Registry location, its display was wonky:
Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers

Not sure why you’d have issues with PoSH but it may be worth a look.

I have since discovered that the scaling issue is present when calling Show-InstallationProgress before the Show-InstallationPrompt, but is only an issue when scaling in Windows is set above 100% eg. 125/150.

It would be great to have a final fix for this, as I see others have the same issue…