Show-InstallationProgress text garbled


When deploying Chrome, I’m trying to add some useful text for the users, so I’m leaving the Show-InstallationProgress blank, so it uses the message I wrote in the xml file. However the message is a bit bigger and since the window doesn’t resize automatically to adjust, I get hidden and garbled text. Is there any way to make sure all text appears and is nicely formatted? This is the text I have in the xml file:

<Progress_MessageInstall>Welcome to the Google Chrome installation. Please wait while the installation continues.

	If the automatic update fails, open Software Center in the Start Menu,
	select Chrome and click Retry in the bottom-right corner.

I thought of using /br but since other messages in the xml doesn’t use it (such as the DiskSpace_Message), I haven’t.

Thanks in advance.

hi, this is what I use, but it’s in the Show-InstallationProgress -StatusMessage. note the n to break the line. I couldn't increase the windows size so I limit the msg to 3 line approx. Show-InstallationProgress -StatusMessage "we're installing something blahblabhblah&lt;strong&gt;nWill take between xx and xx minutes, you can still use your computer and more blablablah"

hope it helps, sorry if it doesn’t.

The UI now scales with text. Please use the latest version of the toolkit.