Show Deferred as "In Progress" instead of "Error" in CM2012 Deployment Stats?

As it is right now all deferred installations shows up as Error in CM2012 Deployment Completion Statistics, which is kind of annoying and makes it hard to follow up, I just have to trust that nothing else has gone wrong.

Is there any way to adjust the error codes so Deferred installations reports as “In Progress” instead?


Am I the only one with this problem?

Is your deployment a package or an application? Did you read the “Important Note regarding deferrals” in the document?

To SCCM, an error code is an error code. It’s only successful in App model if the detection method succeeds.

Since PSADT is kicking the 60012 error code, SCCM has no idea what that is and says it’s an error.

You’d have to hack around in SCCM to have it classify as something else. Or just inform your team that 60012 is a deferral.

The only thing you could do is at 60012 to the Return Codes list of your applicaiton, but I think your status will still show error.

Ah, thanks for the explenation.