SCCM and Defer Option

How are you guys handling the Defer option with SCCM? As of now when a user clicks defer it says install failed from PSappdeploy but if you refresh the software center it will say installed. Is there a return code I can pass to SCCM for this or a best practice ?

Look at page 21 of PSAppDeploymentToolkitAdminGuide.docx for an example. You will need a package with a recurring schedule.

See it works for me when I use the application deployment and just make a separate collection with the client settings to rerun the deployment daily. So if they defer the next day it will run again. The problem I have is what exit code is thrown from PSAppDeploy when someone clicks the defer option? I would like to create a exit code in sccm that would atleast show me who is deferring it based on the exit code from PSAppDeploy

<InstallationDefer_ExitCode>5000</InstallationDefer_ExitCode> from AppDeployToolkit.xml, so 5000 exit code for defer if you don’t change it. If someone does not not interact with the prompt and it times out (default 1 hour 55 mins), it will throw a 1618 error code.

Awesome Thanks!