Show-BalloonTip Issue

I’m trying to play around with using PSADT to show balloon notifications for users but I’m having a hell of a time with it and was wondering if someone could help me out.

PSADT detects my regular user account as logged in but I never get the toast notification. The Deploy-Application.ps1 script simply has this Show-BalloonTip -BalloonTipTitle 'test' -BalloonTipText 'test'. The logs don’t show any errors so for all intents and purposes I should see a toast notification (unless I misunderstood the point of this function). I’ve attached my logs, thank you.


EDIT: My issue was fixed after updating to 3.9.2

FYI: Version 3.9.x are currently having issues displaying popup, etc.
Show-BalloonTip not showing when running script as another user · Issue #741 · PSAppDeployToolkit/PSAppDeployToolkit (

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Thank you so much, I thought I was going crazy! I should’ve checked GHI…shame on me

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