Set-PinnedApplication not working in Windows 10 1909

Hi, we use the Set-PinnedApplication to pin apps to the taskbar for the user. This worked as a charm with Windows 10 1809. But in Windows 10 1909 this seems to be depreciated by Microsoft. I already searched the internet for a solution but unfortunately no solution. Found some info here
The verbs seems to be there but you cannot execute them anymore.
Does anyone know a good solution around this?

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You can do it through GPOs unless they removed it also.
Other than that the official way is to use NET Framework functions that pop up a dialog window asking user, which is obviously not feasible.

Hi, yes I know we can use GPOs but that is not as flexible as using the verbs. And if you use GPO to add desktopapps to the taskbar the startmenu needs to be locked as far that I can see. And that is not what we want.