Does Set-PinnedApplication still work?

Hello - would it be possible to update the documentation for Set-PinnedApplication? I have tried it in the user’s context and as an admin. No luck either way. I’m trying to pin shortcuts to the taskbar that are already elsewhere in the Public start menu. This is on Windows 10. We have not upgraded to 11 yet.

Does it require elevation?
Does it require that it be run in the user’s context?
What are the restrictions on exe/lnk locations?

Thanks for your help!

I’m not sure but I think Microsoft changed the method that PSADT was using to pin shortcuts and broke it.

Regardless, I think the source shortcut needs to exist in the start menu before you try to pin it.

Funny to see this question here today, as a colleague and I were only discussing this yesterday!
Yes Microsoft did change the way this worked, We believe it still works on Windows 10 v1803 - but that’s no good as that version is End of Life

N.B. This appears to be the modern way to achieve it:

However, there is nothing in that article which specifically calls out that it doesn’t work on Windows 10, all the screen grabs are showing Windows 11 so it’s anyones guess if it works on Windows 10 (A bit vague IMHO)

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