Welcome Message Customisation


Having never used the PSADT before, I’ve managed to configure it as part of a task sequence in SCCM to deploy Windows 10 updates - however I can’t find where I customise the welcome message. I’ve found the logo (AppDeployToolkitBanner.png) but cannot find how to change the test on the welcome message. At the moment it’s got a title of PS App Deploy Toolkit Main 3.7.0 and has a message which states:

The following application is about to be installed:
PS App Deploy Toolkit Main 3.7.0

How do I change this message please?

Thank you.

First, I have to admit I am not an expert. I do use this tool nearly every day. If you add values to the variables found around line 64 in the Deploy-Application.ps1 file, the message will reference that information. Most of the messages can be customized.

Thank you, worked a treat.