Remove 'Close Programs' button?

Hi guys,

Firstly, thanks for writing such a great piece of software, it’s so damn useful!

We need to roll out some Word template software and for the install to run Word needs to be closed - easy enough!
One problem we have though is that it is proving remarkably easy for users who aren’t concentrating or reading the message properly to close Word without saving their work! So my question is - is there a way to remove the ‘Close Programs’ button so they only have the option to defer or continue (after saving and closing their work).

Many thanks,

Hi Phil-4,

  Did you mange to find a solution for this. I am also wanting to remove the "Close Programs" button.

In the “AppDeployToolkitMain.ps1” file, search for and comment out the following row:

If ($showCloseApps) { $panelButtons.Controls.Add($buttonCloseApps) }

Hi, this was great!
I did comment out, but it does not work. Also, followed instructions from but didnt help either.

I just dont want to have the close button. Any more tips?

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