Reduce default defer time

By default the defer time is 24 hours. Do we have any option to reduce the defer time from 24 hours ?

While I don’t use the feature, I did look at the code and the Show-InstallationWelcome function’s -DeferDays parameter is a 32 bit integer. This means so you can’t tell it to use decimals like 0.5 days.

You’d have to AT LEAST edit the Show-InstallationWelcome function to use hours or minutes.
Something like changing this:

[string]$deferDeadlineUniversal = Get-UniversalDate -DateTime (Get-Date -Date ((Get-Date).AddDays($deferDays)) -Format ($culture).DateTimeFormat.UniversalDateTimePattern).ToString()

to this:

[string]$deferDeadlineUniversal = Get-UniversalDate -DateTime (Get-Date -Date ((Get-Date).AddHours($deferDays)) -Format ($culture).DateTimeFormat.UniversalDateTimePattern).ToString()

It’s not a trivial change.