Hello there, had a quick question because my script is working properly but I am having issues get the silent switch to work. I am not sure where to place it.

    $msbuild = "$envProgramFilesX86\EdgeRunner\Multiplicity\uninstall.exe"
    $arguments  = """/U:$envProgramFilesX86\EdgeRunner\Multiplicity\Uninstall\uninstall.xml"""
    Start-Process -Wait $msbuild $arguments

This is the uninstall string for this application and the following command line work in CMD with no issue.

C:\Program Files (x86)\EdgeRunner\Multiplicity\uninstall.exe “/U:C:\Program Files (x86)\EdgeRunner\Multiplicity\Uninstall\uninstall.xml” /S

Any help is appreciated as I am pretty close to making this work.

$Arguments = “”"/U:$envProgramFilesx86\EdgeRunner\Multiplicity\Uninstall\Uninstall.xml"" /S"

I edited my previous post twice because I prefer the backtick to consecutive double-quotes.

For future reference, what is the escape character (if any) to use when posting?