PSAppDeployToolkit 3.7.0

Version 3.7.0 [02/13/2018]


  • Added the ability to dynamically re-enumerate running applications while displaying the Show-InstallationWelcome prompt. If the CloseApps processes were not running when the prompt was displayed and are subsequently detected to be running, the prompt will be updated with the apps to close. If the CloseApps processes were running when the prompt was displayed and are subsequently detected not to be running, then the installation will automatically continue if no deferral is available. If the CloseApps processes change (new processes launched or running processes closed), the list box will dynamically update every 2 seconds to reflect the currently running applications.
  • Added ContinueFileCopyOnError parameter to the File-Copy function to continue copying files if an error is encountered.
  • Added error handling to catch errors retrieving/deleting scheduled task in Unblock-AppExecution
  • Added detection of App-V pending tasks to the Get-PendingReboot function
  • Added support for creating a hotkey to the New-Shortcut function
  • Added the parameter type column to the logging function
  • Added the Win32_BaseService class to the Test-ServiceExists function
  • Added environment variables; CurrentUILanguage
  • BREAKING CHANGE, The “Regex” filter in Remove-MSIApplications previously escaped RegEx characters, but now parses a RegEx statement as expected. Added “Contains” filter which emulates RegEx filter from previous version.
  • Re-named “Refresh-Desktop” to “Update-Desktop” and “Refresh-SessionEnvironmentVariables” to “Update-SessionEnvironmentVariables” to conform to approved Cmdlet verbs, an alias preserves backwards compatibility with the previous function names
    -Fixed issue where OS Revision Version is not always retrieved correctly in Windows 10
  • Fixed issue in Copy-File where it was not possible to copy an array of file objects
  • Fixed issue in Set-RegistryKey where registry keys with forward slashes now contains actual forward slash [char]0x002F instead of [char]0x2215
  • Fixed issue in Execute-ProcessAsUser where result from the task scheduler could not be parsed on non-English language systems. Fix applies for Vista and higher
  • Fixed issue in Execute-ProcessAsUser which could delete the task before executing it if used without the Wait switch
  • Fixed issue in Execute-ProcessAsUser to allow parameters ending with a double quote
  • Fixed issue where Test-Powerpoint erroneously returned False on non-English language systems
  • Fixed issue where zero-config MSI would run when Show-InstallationRestartPrompt is called
  • Fixed issue where BalloonTip doesn’t launch asynchronously when initiated from Exit-Script
  • Fixed case sensitivity in the shortcut path passed to New-Shortcut
  • Fixed issue in Remove-File where a confirmation dialogue would hang the script if a non-empty folder is encountered when the Recurse switch is not specified
  • Fixed issue with white spaces in scheduled task creation breaking the -BlockExecution parameter
  • Fixed missing information in documentation and fixed encoding issue with AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml
  • Fixed issue where TopMost parameter in Show-DialogBox function could not be set to $false
  • Removed PS v3.0 minimum check for Get-Hotfix cmdlet used in Test-MSUpdates
  • Improved parameter validation on -CheckDiskSpace and -RequiredDiskSpace paramters in Show-InstallationWelcome prompt
  • Improved comments and documentation

with windows 10 , I am being asked to install dot net 3.5 feature to run toolkit . Is this a requirement ? Please advise.

No, please download the latest release of the toolkit. The toolkit supports .Net framework 2.0, 3.5, 4+ for versions 3.*