PSADT+ : Using a JSON file for deployment

I wanted PSADT to be even easier to use by having it deploy applications from a single config (JSON) file. It downloads a file, checks dependencies and other fun stuff but most importantly, the only file that needs to be edited for each application is a JSON file.

It is open source on GitLab:

In case you might need help to get going with it:

A very interesting extension. Do you add updates from our repository or do you keep working on your own fork? Also is this a solo project or a team project?

I have been merging in updates periodically from the main repo and would continue to do so. (Sometimes I question why I did GitLab instead of GitHub as that would make it easier…)

I did try to maintain as close as possible to the original for that purpose. I do have some thoughts how it could be changed to be even more inline with the original… (Not much in actuality.)

Lastly, it is a solo project but doesn’t have to be. :slight_smile:

I have been making some tweaks so that it is closer to the original. The only two files modified now are the Deploy-Application.ps1 and AppDeployToolkitExtensions.ps1 now.

If the importing of PS modules from the $ScriptRoot\Modules was added as a standard thing, I could move the extra functions to a psm1 instead and not be changing that too.

The other part I use frequently is the converted AdminGuide to markdown.

I was keeping the repo cloned because it made it easier to build the zip file manually. I’ll be updating it to use GitLab’s CI pipeline to build the zip after cloning upstream soon to it will ensure that I am actually taking upstream fixes and not doing periodic merges.