PSADT and vbscript

Now that Microsoft has announced that vbs scripting is no longer going to be supported in future releases - just wondering what are the plans for the toolkit?


I’m not really sure what you are asking for, Surely you would agree that It would be mad to continue to try and support VBScript in PSADT if it didn’t have this scripting language fully supported (by Microsoft)?

Microsoft have decided to sunset VBScript for very good reason it is now considered very old and insecure - technology has moved on a long way since VBScript was 1st launched

VBScript began as part of the Microsoft Windows Script Technologies, launched in 1996

It’s time to move on - Many of us purely use PowerShell with PSADT with great results - this is the only way to perform certain functions / use cases.

RIP VBScript

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I have identified two functions in the current toolkit that requires VBScript, they are
Block-AppExecution and Execute-ProcessAsUser. Both of these functions relies on VBScript to silently execute powershell scripts. So from a pure PSADT perspective it’s only an issue with scripts that use any of these two functions when VBScript is removed.

However since VBScript have been around for so long we will encounter other issues within application packaging. The most common one would probably be VBScripts added to systems and run through ActiveSetup, these can be identified by looking for .vbs files in the package/media. VBScripts run as part of a Setup.exe or Setup.msi is going to be harder to find and address since they can sometimes be quite well “hidden” within Custom Actions, etc.

I believe it will be difficult to remove VBScript from all Windows clients in a large environment that have several hundreds of applications deployed without running into any issues.


FYI: The removal of VBS is high on the developers’ TODO list.

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Do you have any estimated time for when the fix will be released?

Alas no ETA.
I’ll find out when they update the code in the Project Homepage like everybody else.

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