PSAPPDEPLOYTOOLKIT-EXECUTEASUSER.VBS called when installing system apps

Hey everyone, just updated from 3.8.4 toolkit to 3.9.2 and we’re seeing a new behavior when deploying system-level apps (as opposed to user-level).

We have AppLocker enabled in our environment, and since updating to the 3.9.2 toolkit, there are several .vbs scripts being blocked that are called during application deployment.

One is:

The other is:

Does anyone know what these scripts do and why they’re being called? We dont invoke the “Execute-ProcessAsUser” function anywhere in our deployment scripts, and our SCCM deployment types are set to “Install for system”. This seems to be something new to 3.9 versions of the toolkit since we’ve never observed this behavior using the 3.8 version.

Thanks for your feedback!

They’ve changed how popups and toast are created in PSADT.
It now creates temporary scripts in the user’s profile.
I’ve told them this will have problems with AppLocker or Defender.

They might have changed stuff in the 3.9.3 beta.
FYI: I have no means to test 3.9.x at this time.

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