PSADT and Intune

Convert my PSADT application to .intunewin Win32App format.
Added to Intune and tried to make it installed/uninstalled using Company Portal.

When using command: deploy-application.exe it works, but when using default powershell ps1 command it does not work.

Is there an explanation for this?

This can depend on a few things…

The most obvious is whether the Powershell execution policy on your device(s) (or within the users context) allows for unsigned code to be run. If not, you would need to set the execution policy within your command line so it would successfully execute.

Personally, as it’s easier - we always deploy all (well 99% of) our applications in the SYSTEM context and we use the Deploy-Application.exe along with MDTs ServiceUI.exe to ensure and dialogs that would show in the System context appear in the Users context.
So most of our PSADT wrapped apps deployed via Intune have the following Installation command line:

  • ServiceUI.exe -Process:explorer.exe Deploy-Application.exe -DeploymentType "Install"

and most of our PSADT wrapped apps deployed via Intune have the following Uninstall command line:

  • ServiceUI.exe -Process:explorer.exe Deploy-Application.exe -DeploymentType "Uninstall"

Hi Adrian, found my issue. When using Powershell command the script started in 32bit.
With the EXE in 64bit.

Do you always include serviceui.exe or only when package has user interaction?


Glad you found the reason.

I always use ServiceUI.exe but this is mainly as a just in case. i.e. if the vendor changes their installer syntax so we get to see the error showing.


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