Intune suppresses screens in toolkit

Good morning
has anyone deployed applications in Microsoft intune using this toolkit?
I have created one which works fine manually but as soon as I deploy it through intune the prompts don’t work and the installation box is suppressed?


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You may have to use the serviceUI so you can see the box. In Task sequences you can use the following command so the boxes wil display. Not sure if InTune works the same way or not. Make sure serviceUI.exe is present in the same folder as deploy-application.exe

Command --> ServiceUI.exe Deploy-Application.exe Install

First, I have been using this tool for years and absolutely LOVE IT! Thanks for creating it.

I am hitting this wall as well. We have the core PSADT stored in Windows c:\windows\ITUtils\appdeploytoolkit which would then need to include the servicui.exe.

as a result our roadblock will be that we do things like this:

powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file .\script.ps1 which then will use the files stored inside windows directory. We do this so we do not inflate our apps/packages as well as reduce issues with worrying about what version of PSADT each app is using.

I guess we could try it like it was a msi where in sccm you simply use msiexec.exe /i install.msi
so maybe

c:\windows\ITUtils\appdeploytoolkit\serviceui.exe c:\windows\ITUtils\appdeploytoolkit\deploy-application.exe .\appinst.ps1?
c:\windows\ITUtils\appdeploytoolkit\serviceui.exe powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file .\file.ps1.

It sure would be super SWEET to be able to fully utilize this tool as we move over to azure and Zero trust base operations.

Thanks in advance!! :smiley: