possible to run PSAD non interactive?

Hello all,

Im currently would like to get a little help or input. Yes im currently not using SCCM (we are planning to switch to SCCM but its a huge task). We use another Software deployment that offers installations been done with localsystem non interactive.

Our company does not have a local administrator account on the machines, also no user has local admin rights. That means we need to run all tasks as local system.

I was able to run deploy-application.exe install as (my user with admin, localsystem interactive mode) all did work well. As soon as i do run it in non interactive mode no popups and installation progress shows up in the user context.

Interactive mode is very dangerous because the user could interact with the installer application, so we need to run it in non-interactive mode.

Found the following posts with the search function:

http://psappdeploytoolkit.com/forums/topic/use-psappdeploytoolkit-without-local-administrator/ http://psappdeploytoolkit.com/forums/topic/install-for-usersystem/

But those also did not deliver a answer to my question / solution.

Thanks for your help

Not sure I understand what your question is? It is indeed possible to run the toolkit in non-interactive mode. Use the following command:

Deploy-Application.exe -DeploymentType “Install” -DeployMode “NonInteractive”
Deploy-Application.ps1 -DeploymentType “Install” -DeployMode “NonInteractive”

Non-Interactive is supposed to be very silent.

Hi Pelle,
Thanks for the answer, unfortunately i do not wanna surpress the information windows from PSAD, only surpress all messages from from the application.

currently im doing it like this:

psexec \computername\ -s -i “cmd /c c:\test\Deploy-Application.exe Install”

This works, USER gets the message box from PSAD to close specific programs and the installation process window.

psexec \computername\ -s “cmd /c c:\test\Deploy-Application.exe Install”

This works too, but the user does not see any popup from PSAD (so the user is not aware to close specific applications and does not know that the installation is still running)

As you can see the only difference is the -i option… im not allowed to use the -i option because the user can interfer with the application and gain system access. Also i can not use a runas option, because our local admin passwords are dynamically generated every day with LAPS. Currently i was able to use local system for every software in our enviroment but im not able to use localsystem as PSAD does not show any message windows when run in a nointeractive system shell.

Best regards

Sounds to me like you are asking for the silent switches of the application you are trying to install, and this is something the toolkit does not solve for you automatically.

What is the application if I may ask, and/or what kind of installer is it? If it’s a well known application you might also find useful tips on itninja.com, which is a community for application packaging.

The PowerShell Application Deployment Toolkit is like a swiss army knife – it will help you assembly an Ikea shelf if you have the right instructions, so to speak :). I’m guessing when you’re starting an interactive installation you’re getting the “welcome window” of your installer at this moment, and do not wish your users to complete the installation themselves eh?

Hi Pelle,

The application is a simple test application i coded myself… the only thing it does is a console application that is in a while loop till a file exists.

i just call this file in PSAD (there are for sure no attributes for the application)

-s -i works (i dont see the application , but see the windows prompts from PSAD)
-s i see it gets executed by PSAD, but the user does not receive any message window.

If you want i can share this file.

Best regards

So you want the following:

  1. Display the PSAppDeploymentToolkit Welcome dialog box and ask the user to end <application-x>.exe
  2. Start <simple-test-application> in a hidden shell from inside the deployment script?

If that’s the case – how do you execute the application from inside of the deploy-application.ps1 script? What’s the command? That’s where you want to add the hiding bits.

But you’re saying:

im not allowed to use the -i option because the user can interfer with the application and gain system access.

And then later

-s -i works (i dont see the application , but see the windows prompts from PSAD)

So it is a bit hard to understand what the problem is :)…

Maybe it’s ServiceUI you’re looking for? Have a look at this blog post: https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/deploymentguys/2015/07/06/script-to-make-serviceui-exe-easier-to-use-for-osd-custom-user-interfaces/ as well as searching for “session 0” and on this community.

Sorry if I’m totally misunderstanding you!

i was able to solve it and run only the deployment executable interactive… the rest is running in non interactive mode…

REM ######### REM ######### Installer show user information if user is logged in REM ######### start %~dp0office_notification\psexec.exe \\localhost -s -i -accepteula %~dp0office_notification\Deploy-Application.exe

SET INSTALLSTARTED=“C:\Maintenance\Logs\user-close-apps”

TIMEOUT /T 30 >nul
GOTO CheckForFile

exit /b 0

next batchfile

Glad to hear you got the job done!