Non Interactive deploy

Hi, I want to start of by saying I don’t have much experience with powershell or deployment in general. I am trying to learn, and I want to be able to utilize this tool.I am trying to deploy SentinelOne remotely, using non interactive mode to deploy. I’ve essentially only changed it to non interactive, and this is my execution string:

Execute-Process -Path "\\IT\SentinelOne\SentinelAgent_windows_v4_2_4_154.exe" -windowStyle Hidden -parameters '/QUIET /NORESTART /SITE_TOKEN=********’

I had success running it in interactive mode, but when I change it to non interactive it gets stuck in the cmd on that line:

Secondly I don’t have SCCM so I am using cmd and PsExec/schedule task script to run this command to start the process:

powershell.exe -executionpolicy bypass -file Deploy-Application.ps1

I’m sure I am doing this wrong but I am struggling to find resources for what I’m trying to do. Could anyone point me in the right direction?


I tried with a package and your command works if you run cmd as administrator.
but you can also try :
Deploy-Application.exe -DeployMode “Silent”