PersistPrompt and ForceCountdown

I’m trying to use a combination of -PersistPrompt and -ForceCountdown in

Show-InstallationWelcome -CloseApps 'xxxxx' -AllowDefer -DeferTimes 0 -CheckDiskSpace -PersistPrompt -ForceCountdown 1600

I’ve allowed the user to minimize the PSADT window.
I’ve changed the -PersistPrompt Value here [in the XML] for testing <InstallationPrompt_PersistInterval>10</InstallationPrompt_PersistInterval>

If I remove -ForceCountdown, the -PersistPrompt works as expected. I can minimize the window and it will pop back up after 10secs. But for some reason when I add -ForceCountdown the -PersistPrompt no longer works.

Does anyone have any ideas?

I would at least remove -AllowDefer -DeferTimes 0

FYI: Show-InstallationWelcome function is one of the original PSADT dialogs and uses the old way of doing GUIs. The logic is hard to follow for me. I’m hoping it will be redone at some point using XAML.

Following the logic of the function there is no way to use zero deferral remaining with PersistPrompt.

The “not a feature” is located at lines 9395-9405.

The only way to keep both features is to use a positive number of deferral or a deferral deadline according lines 9383-9392.

I noticed this when did my Toast Notification Extension.

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