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Hello again, all.

Working on a script for an application. The application is OpenScape Desktop Client Personal Edition v1.47.0083. Sort of banging my head on the wall with this one. I’ll try and cover all bases here.

I have this in my script and it runs as it should for the most part:

Execute-MSI -Action ‘Install’ -Path “OpenScapeClient.msi” -Parameters ‘DEFAULTPROVIDER=SIP-Provider REGISTRYDLS=1 DLSSERVER= INTEGRATIONWC=none /qn’

On a test machine running Windows 10, build 21H2, it installs with no issues. No prior installations of OpenScape are on that machine. On my actual work laptop (Windows 11), it would not install successfully through SCCM until an older version was installed prior.

With all that being said, as we all know Software Center will install with administrative privileges. The screenshots I attached will show two similar/identical errors, but one of the installations will install successfully, the other fails. The error code that the other users are getting is: 0x643(1603).

When I tried running manually from command prompt with verbose logging, I found this in the log:

MSI (s) (C0:5C) [15:58:18:812]: Product: OpenScape Desktop Client – Error 1925. You do not have sufficient privileges to complete this installation for all users of the machine. Log on as administrator and retry this installation.

Checked the MSI properties in Orca and do not see anything that sticks out.
Any ideas as to why one is failing and the other is not? My coworker tested on his machine with a test account that has no administrative rights at all and was successful. No prior installations for him as well.

Thanks in advance!

According to the documentation for OpenScape there are several prerequisites for installing the OpenScape client including:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
  • Microsoft Windows Installer 3.1
  • Microsoft WSE Runtime V2.0 SP3.0
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable

Are these present in Windows 11? There’s a good chance that if you have a previous version of the client installed these are already present. These should be automatically installed if you use the SETUP.EXE rather than the MSI file directly otherwise you may need to script the installation of these dependencies before installing the OpenScape client.

If you are going to install applications on Windows 11 I strongly suggest having a Windows 11 testing environment that you verify your builds against. I would start with a manual install using the SETUP.EXE of the client on a CLEAN Windows 11 VM (no other software installed). Make a note of what is installed in addition to the client software itself.

MSI Error 1603 usually occurs when a custom action in the MSI fails. Unfortunately you are reliant on the software vendor to give you some idea of what could be causing the issue.

Your colleague may be able to install the MSI without admin privileges if you have AlwaysInstallElevated enabled or if the MSI installs into the users profile.

Hey gtaylor!

Thanks for the response. I did notice the prerequisites that you mentioned. I also noticed the setup.exe installs the runtime dependencies if I go that route. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the downside to not using the MSI will be I cannot add switches to the setup.exe, correct? A thought I had if that is the case, is to modify the MSI with Orca and prefill the properties that I need preconfigured.

I have multiple Win10 and Win11 devices available. I would just need to set up the Win11 ones to be clean slate. I do concur though with your point of view though.

Thanks for the response!

I am not familiar with the OpenSource Client however some installers can pass properties to the MSI via the SETUP.EXE eg. SETUP.EXE /qn DEFAULTPROVIDER=SIP-Provider… etc. Alternatively if you know what the dependencies are you can add them to your script to run before the MSI file or create them as a dependency.

In case it helps or for future reference, I went in and modified the properties that I am looking to have pre-set from within the MSI using Orca. Tested it just now and they carry through since the setup.exe calls upon the OpenScapeClient.msi after it installs the two runtime MSIs.

Only downside, but I will accept it if need be, is even with the /qn parameter it prompts you to click next throughout the install process. Not the end of the world, but was looking to have it just install with zero interaction from the user.

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