MSP uninstall & get-help

Hey everyone,

First I want to say PSADT for President :wink:

First question:
Using it alot for MSI & EXE but today we need to deploy an MSP (installation no problem) but I want to uninstall

Ex. Patch Kaspersky (PSADT 3.8)
Based on following URL
Msiexec /package {GUID_OF_PRODUCT} /uninstall {GUID_OF_PATCH} /qn
Msiexec /package {D1AB12B0-B9B5-43A0-98E1-584D790524FE} /uninstall {7F150617-0E45-4687-A0A0-B856E6F64E5B} /qn /norestart

How can we achieve this in PSADT ?

Second question:
Try to find through get-help but I can get Get-Help running

Find answer TWO Get-Help myself - maybe usefull for others

C:\PSAppDeployToolkit_v3.8.0_original\Toolkit\AppDeployToolkit>> Powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -File .\AppDeployToolkitHelp.ps1 get-help Execute-MSI -examples

This little tool automatically finds the install \ uninstall and detection method for Configuration Manager for patch files :slight_smile:
it’s also worth noting some patch files do not support uninstall.

THX _RichardKnight

For the time being I’m stucked with this commandline

Execute-Process -Path msiexec.exe -Parameters “/package {D1AB12B0-B9B5-43A0-98E1-584D790524FE} /uninstall {7F150617-0E45-4687-A0A0-B856E6F64E5B} /quiet REBOOT=”“ReallySuppress”""

Anyone got a fancier solution that I can skip Execute-Process ?