Is there a psadt command to uninstall MSU

i am trying to remove a msu patch

ive tried…

Execute-Process -Path “wusa.exe” -Parameters “/uninstall /KB:$KBID /quiet /norestart”

but the doc shows the quiet switch is not valid using the KB:12345 style

anyone had luck doing this?

I would love to see the answer to this. With Windows Update for Business, I would love the option to remove a previously deployed MSU patch using PSADT!

Here [SOLVED] Silently uninstall a windows update - Windows 10 - Spiceworks
they use DISM to uninstall windows updates.

$ErrorActionPreference = "Continue"

# "19041.867.1.8" = KB5000802
# "18362.1440.1.7" = KB5000808

$UpdateArray = @("19041.867.1.8", "18362.1440.1.7")

foreach ($UpdateVersion in $UpdateArray) {
    $SearchUpdates = dism /online /get-packages | findstr "Package_for" | findstr "$UpdateVersion"  
    if ($SearchUpdates) {
        $update = $SearchUpdates.split(":")[1].replace(" ", "")
        write-host ("Update result found: " + $update )
        dism /Online /Remove-Package /PackageName:$update /quiet /norestart
    } else {
        write-host ("Update " + $UpdateVersion + " not found.")
exit 0

Try it and If you need help to convert it to PSADT, i’ll do my best.

I just went with this

Get-WindowsPackage -Online | Where-Object{ $.ReleaseType -like “Update” } | ForEach-Object{ Get-WindowsPackage -Online -PackageName $.PackageName } | Where-Object{ $_.Description -like “KB5006667” } | Remove-WindowsPackage -Online -NoRestart