MSI installation Set Language

I would like to know how to specify the language parameter using execute-msi

From command line i execute and works
msiexec /qn /i c:\tmp\PresenceAgent-Setup-11.0.013.msi PRESENCE_LANGUAGE=“ES”

From appdeplytoolkit I’m trying this but doesn’t work.

execute-msi -path ‘PresenceAgent-Setup-11.0.013.msi’ -parameters “PRESENCE_LANGUAGE=“ES””

What’s the correct way?

From your example, since you appear to pass a static value, I believe that your command should read:

execute-msi -path ‘PresenceAgent-Setup-11.0.013.msi’ -parameters ‘PRESENCE_LANGUAGE=“ES”’

…or if you need a variable expanded

execute-msi -path ‘PresenceAgent-Setup-11.0.013.msi’ -parameters “PRESENCE_LANGUAGE=`“$languageVar`””

Quick reference on PS strings & quoting rules:

Thanks for your help

I Have tried your suggestion but It doesn’t work…
I have tried with and without inverted commas …but doesn’t work…

Sorry about that, I have just looked at the string issue and didn’t review the rest, here’s how I would run the install, assuming that the MSI is under the “.\Files” folder from your script package:

Execute-MSI -Action 'Install' -Path 'PresenceAgent-Setup-11.0.013.msi' -AddParameters ‘PRESENCE_LANGUAGE=“ES”’

The default MSI parameters are defined in the AppDeployToolkitConfig.xml files, the -AddParameter switch lets you add to it. -Parameters overrides the defaults.