Modify position of Show-InstallationRestartPrompt

Hello guys,

i’ve tried to set the position of “show-installationrestartprompt” with this command:

Show-InstallationRestartPrompt -WindowLocation ‘BottomRight’ -Countdownseconds 600 -CountdownNoHideSeconds 60

But the command Windowlocation is not recognize. how can i do? Default is on center of the windows. it’s possibile to move on the right corner?

There is an outstanding pull request (from ~18 months ago) to extend the toolkit to include better dialog locating:

I guess this is sort of what you are looking for?

If and until this is added to the source code by the developers, I guess you would need to maintain this modification in your own code.

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Hello Adrian_Scott,

many thanks!!

Just one question: in the pattern you sent me I see that there are red and green lines. I guess the green ones I have to add, and the red ones I have to delete?

Yes - The green lines are the modifications & additions and the red lines are what has been replaced

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