Customize Font Size

Hello there everyone, newbie here but been using the Toolkit since I have been in my new position. Still learning the way of Toolkit and I had a quick couple of questions for the community.

  1. When customizing the Show-InstallationPrompt, are the only option for Text Placement Left, Middle, and Right? Are there any additional customization options when it comes to Text?

  2. Second, I am trying to make the Font Bigger/Bold for the Show-InstallationPrompt and I can’t find the option in the Main.ps1. I was looking at the Label Text, but maybe I overlooked it.

Any help with the above two questions is really appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:


I know this is an older thread but the answer is no, currently. You could write your own code for window functions where you could change the look, however its not possible right now without code modifications. There are plans to change this though.

Have a nice day