Issue installing .exe with .iss file

So I have done this many times before, installing an exe with an iss answer file. But this time I have been trying to get this to work but it doesnt seem to be working.

Execute-process -Path "$dirfiles\setup.exe" -parameters "/s /f1$dirfiles\install_cp1.iss"

This will work on win10, but not any of my win7 x86/x64 machines, it just hangs on this command. I do see the app install on the machine, but setup.exe never ends/finishes so it doesnt move on to the next step. The logs just show it running the execute-process.

If I try to install the setup.exe with the iss normally from a cmd prompt, works just fine so I know the software works on all the versions of windows I am trying. Any idea what I can do to test it? Im on 3.6.9.

What’s the FQ path? If it has spaces, you need to escape or double quote it.

I can’t even figure out how to show the escape character because this forum uses it for /code function.


Not sure what the specifics are but here are a few random possibilities …

  1. make sure source EXE is local and test the installation via CMD.EXE (elevated permissions)
  2. The vendors media could be the culprit and does NOT support it
  3. If it works on Windows 10 but NOT 7 then it must be the .Net Framework or the PS version you have installed needs updated on your windows 7 system.
  4. If there is a license involved you may have reached your limit and need to Deactivate from your Win10 machine first

Hope that helps.

You can also use other parameters if if the EXE has an embedded MSI. I would recommend putting a path with a space in a variable.

Execute-process -Path “$dirFiles\setup.exe” -parameters “/s /f1$dirFiles\setup.iss” -WaitForMsiExec -WindowStyle Hidden -IgnoreExitCodes “3010” -ContinueOnError $true