Error when referencing iss file


I am trying to install an app silently with an iss file. I am getting an error code -3. I have checked online and what i wrote should work but I’m still getting that error. Any ideas ?

Execute-Process -Path "$dirFiles\SolsticeClientSetup-6.1.2_SCCM.exe" -Parameters "/s /f1 `'$dirFiles\Solstice_6.1.2_SCCM_Install.iss`'"

Thanks in advance

I wrote a how-to for InstallSheild Setup:
InstallSheild Setup - How to install, uninstall, and log silently - The Toolkit / Tips & Tricks - PSAppDeployToolkit Community

The example you’ll care about is this:

Launch InstallShield Setup.exe with a response file (NO MSIs inside). Force log files to the logging folder

# NOTE: -SMS switch is for InstallShield Setup.exe to suppress error popups if an issue occurs. Otherwise InstallShield will hang
#		waiting for the user to click a OK button that is not displayed because Setup.exe is running as SYSTEM!
Execute-Process -Path "setup.exe" -Parameters "-s -f1`"$DirFile\install.iss`" -f2`"configToolkitLogDir\$installName.log`" -SMS"


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You’ll want to use " around the .iss filename instead of '.

Execute-Process -Path "$dirFiles\SolsticeClientSetup-6.1.2_SCCM.exe" -Parameters "/s /f1 `"$dirFiles\Solstice_6.1.2_SCCM_Install.iss`""
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