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Hello All

A user has asked for a software title to be installed on a room of devices. The installer is a .msixbundle file. I have tried to use the below command in the deploy-application.ps1 but it errors out.

Add-AppPackage -path "Shapr3D.Package_5.520.6157.0_x64_ARM64.msixbundle"

If I call this direct in PowerShell it works fine - but not via PSADTK - I also need the package to install system wide - so all users are able to use the software.

Could anyone advise what I am doing wrong?


Since I cannot guess the error message, I’ll assume it cannot find the file. Assuming the file is in the \Files\ folder:
Add-AppPackage -path "$dirFiles\Shapr3D.Package_5.520.6157.0_x64_ARM64.msixbundle"

If you want to try to log what is happening with this command while in PSADT, try this:
Add-AppPackage -path "$dirFiles\Shapr3D.Package_5.520.6157.0_x64_ARM64.msixbundle" -Verbose *>&1 | Out-String | write-log

If the logging doesn’t work, look here for other logging methods:

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Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Since I posted this - I have this min just finished doing some testing - don’t know if this is the correct way to do this - but I have found this works.

Dism /Online /Add-ProvisionedAppxPackage /PackagePath:"$dirFiles\Shapr3D.Package_5.520.6157.0_x64_ARM64.msixbundle" /SkipLicense

I just need to make sure it works for all users which is my next text - as its late in the UK ATM that may wait till tomorrow :slight_smile: