How to download all toolkit files to target computer

Is there a way I can copy all files in the toolkit to the target computer?

When installing SCCM packages, I’d like to trigger Deploy-Application.exe to run from the target computer rather than from the SCCM share.

However, I can’t figure out how to get all the toolkit files to download to the target computer.

Looks like these lines from AppDeloyToolkitMain.ps1 will copy files in the “Files” or “SupportFiles” folders:

<code>[string]$dirFiles = Join-Path -Path $scriptParentPath -ChildPath &#039;Files&#039;
[string]$dirSupportFiles = Join-Path -Path $scriptParentPath -ChildPath &#039;SupportFiles&#039;

But what I really want to do is copy everything in the “Toolkit” folder down to the target computer, so I can then trigger Deploy-Application.exe from the computer rather than the SCCM share.


Haven’t worked much with Packages in CM, and would really recommend the application model. However, I’ve seen scenarios where packages have been copied over with xcopy (or equivalent). Maybe you could to this under the Advanced tab of your program with the checkbox “Run another program first”. I would have thought these would be copied over to the client cache without the need for ‘manual’ copying, but I guess not?

Or simply create another program to your package to execute the copy command would probably work as well.