How to determine error?

Pretty new to the toolkit. Wrote some code to test uninstalling an old version of Microsoft Office as we prepare to ramp up to installing Office 365. The old version of Office (2010 or 2013) uninstalls, but the App Deployment Toolkit balloon notification states “Installation failed”.

I’m not clear on how to determine why it’s saying the installation failed–I don’t see any pending reboot info stored in the registry or anything obvious that would make the installation say it had failed.

What does the script log file say? Default location is %WinDir%\Logs\Software.

If you don’t have a log viewer already - get CMTrace here:

Yes, as Pelle said, check the log file. It is likely that the office uninstall executable returned some non-standard exit code.

Thanks, all. Good to know where the log file is located. And cmtrace is definitely my friend. :slight_smile: