Help with App Execute -process and app errors out exit code 1

Ohh this is driving me nuts…

if anyone can help that be great.

I am doing autopilot with some devices with Multi App kiosk Mode. Most of my apps that are MSI based are working.

Apps that are Exe based (Inopsetup) faile with exit code 1
I can see in the logfiles…
[C:\Windows\IMECache\b26d4cfc-8cdc-4147-9e2f-48799a5c7bbb_1\Files\program.exe /verysilent]

So its downloaded all ok etc next line is
Execution failed with exit code [1].
does this error mean permissions?

Checking the autopilot logs it says it can not find the file.

the other app is just copying files etc over to a location and that also errors out the same.

but all other Apps that are MSI based work fine.
Should i be running this as serviceui.exe as system ?

Do you have the option of manually running program.exe /verysilent directly on the client as a test? You may see more useful error output than is currently visible in the logs.

Hi thank you

When running it on the client with same same cmd line and package it works fine…

Inno Setup can create a log file:

Execute-Process -Path ‘InoSetupProgram.exe’ -Parameters "/verysilent /LOG=`“C:\FileName.log`” "

Will try that
"/verysilent /LOG=“C:\FileName.log” "

do you need the quotes?
this is ok right?
"/verysilent /LOG=“C:\FileName.log” "

Your code will work if launching from a CMD prompt. Just don’t use the curly double quotes as shown in your post. (That’s just Discourse helping you. /s)

My working examples do have double quotes as shown in my post.
Please notice that I escape the double quote with a back tick to get them into PowerShell strings.