GPO rules for running the Toolkit

Hi There

I am stuck on deploying with the Toolkit. I have a complete install script and implented in SCCM. When I start the Installation it gives an error message saying that the app is blocked by a GPO. However I double checked if Powershell execution is allowed and if its aplied on the machine by a gpo report. It is set but still does not work. Any suggestions what other GPO could block the .exe from deploying? Thanks

You check gpresult and see if there is any file execution blocking? Pretty common to block certain extensions like exe from running from places like appdata using GPO, I’ve had some applications that like to extract an exe there and then run it, which runs afoul of those policies.

yes, i checked the gpo and could verify that powershell script execute is set to allow all scripts (for testing) however it still fails. there is no app blocking enabled.