Getting Approval to Use PSADT in your Org

Hello, totally new with PSADT but glad to be here. I’m researching options for our organization to adopt PSADT and so far it looks perfect, but I’m running into some roadblocks getting it approved here. I was asked a few things I could not find in any documentation such as where the developers are located (We have location limitations for software), how they are related to Patch My PC, and a list of companies/governments that are using it. I saw on the homepage that it’s used widely in Fortune 500 companies and in government, but no specifics. Can anyone help, or does anyone have experience getting this approved in your environment? Thank you!

Interesting question…
Just out of interest do you have to get approval to run any PowerShell scripts you have written too?

PSADT is open source and all the code is freely available to download and review.
I’m guessing your software approval process is a little too restrictive?
If so I’d possible suggest it is restricting innovation and the cost savings that can be made through timesaving tools such as PSADT.

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Hi thanks for the reply. We do use PS quite a bit without issue. In fact, the code review went great, but it was the country of origin part that snagged my request up. I’ve been directed to look for COTS solutions from an established company with a support contract. Unfortunate, PSADT checked all of our boxes and the price can’t be beat.

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For Example you can check: one of the Main Developer of PSADT

I saw on the homepage that it’s used widely in Fortune 500 companies and in government, but no specifics

What ist the Background for this “Requirement” Your Org cant be so naive to say “Yeah, if they use we can do that too”

Everyone or Every Org should be check for themselfs if PSADT suits for the company.

And last but not least everyone can see the complete Code for PSADT if they can read Powershell of course, so they can do a code revision or whatever is needed for them.