Using Parts ob PSADT for a own Project

Hi there,
I´m new to all of this and to be honest I´m confuesd with Lizenzes… xD

I´m working on a little Tool, at the moment its a private Repo and I´m not sure if it will ever reach a state where it would give enough benefit to others to make it public…
How ever I´m using Open Code, PSADT is kind of the foundation of the whole thing xD And i would like to make it right from the beginning, if i ever want to start sharing the thing i want to keep it open. Other Code i used was published with the MIT Lizenze, are these compatible? Is it enough to keep everthing in its own file with a lizenz note in every File oder something like that?

And besides Lizenzes, is it ok for the Devs? I mean if you guys dont want a strange tool crediting your Name I would look for a different Solution…:slight_smile:

Something I forgot was, I of course would add features upstream where it makes sense so yeah… :slight_smile: Let me know what you think please:)

I’m no lawyer but PSADT is licensed GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3

gplv3 at DuckDuckGo

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Hey there :slight_smile:

Just a correction on @That-Annoying-Guy’s post, we use LGPL v3 which is less restrictive that GPL v3. So, you are free to use any code in your own project, provided you link back to the PSAppDeployToolkit project / website.

Cheers, Dan.

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Thank you both very much for your answers, i read up on Lizenzes in generel, at least i tried xD, on Github but to be honest i have my Problems with legal speak, even more in english…

It was at no point a question for me to credit everybody i got code from as fair as possible…
I guess I´ll try my best to be fair and see how the responses are if i publish it:)

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