Feature Request - Remove MSI-Applications by Publisher

have some Programs which installs many Plugins (30 and more) under total different Names and simplest solutions for uninstall would be to remove all Programs of Publisher XYZ.
Is there any way to do this now?
If not, would be great if this can be implemented in some future Version.

By the way… big thank you for this great toolkit!

I think removing all programs by publisher name is really sort of an edge case. The Remove-MsiApplications function can do regex matching using the -Name parameter and wildcard matching using the -WildCard parameter. Can you share the names of these programs and plugins? If there are similarities, then we can probably come up with a regex or wildcard pattern to discover all of them for removal.

Also, take a look at the -ExcludeFromUninstall parameter in the latest version of the toolkit which can help you exclude applications you don’t want to uninstall from being targeted for removal. For this parameter, you can use any of the properties returned by the Get-InstalledApplication function.


I also think that it’s an edge case, but i thought it would not be too complex to implement this and it could be a nice “comfort” feature for the toolkit.

I think Wildcard is really hard for my case and will be more complex then it’s helps…
Here are my Programs
actify tools

I have listed every single Program for now, so do not waste to much time for this case.


Yeah, it should be pretty easy to implement the feature. I will probably implement a -Filter parameter in the next release that allows us to filter using any property from the Get-Applications function.

I added the requested feature to the latest 3.6.6 beta found here if you want to test:

thank you very much for the really fast including of this function.
Unfortunately I’m on holiday actually :slight_smile: I will test the feature when i’m back at work in 2 weeks.